Christmas trees

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Nordmann spruce

Nordmann spruce Christmas trees can be delivered in all gradings and sizes.

Nordmann spruce (Abies nordmanniana) which is dark-green with soft and well-attached needles has for the past approximately 15 years been the most preferred Christmas tree.

The Christmas trees are marked in gradings in accordance with the European grading system, with a label colour for quality / height.

Moreover, the labelling can be adjusted to the demands of the individual customer as per agreement.

Product range

Product Quality Size cm
Nordmann Selected P-line 70-100 
Nordmann Selected P-line 100-125
Nordmann Selected P-line 125-150
Nordmann Selected P-line 150-175
Nordmann Selected P-line 175-200
Nordmann Selected P-line 200-250
Nordmann Selected S-line 150-175
Nordmann Selected S-line 175-200
Nordmann Selected S-line 200-250
Nordmann Selected S-line As per agreement
Nordmann Denmark   100-150
Nordmann Denmark   150-200
Nordmann Denmark   200-250
  Action 150-250
  Action 175-250
  Decorative trees As per agreement
Nordmann in pots: Prima 80-120
Nobilis: Prima 175-210
  Prima As per agreement